ASUS Extreme AX300SE/TD (128MB HyperMemory)

ATI's Radeon X300SE won't do 3D games justice, but the right bundle can provide that extra video port you've been looking for.

Asus Extreme AX300SE/TD (128MB HyperMemory)
Emulating Nvidia's business strategy with its Radeon X-series graphics cards, ATI has taken to letting its retail partners do the actual selling of its graphics cards to consumers, at least with some chips. The Radeon X300 SE with HyperMemory is one example. You won't find an ATI-branded package with the chip in stores or online; instead, you'll see it in boxes from the likes of Asus, Jetway, and others. The core 3D chip is the same, but ATI's various partners can add different software and video-output options. No bundled game or digital-video output will alleviate the Radeon X300 SE's poor performance, but it's a reasonable option if you're looking for only basic 3D or want to inexpensively add dual monitor support.