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Asus Eee Pad Slider review: Asus Eee Pad Slider

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The Good Good performance. After time for adjustment, the physical keyboard is good. Reads NTFS partitions. IPS screen. Included software is good.

The Bad Physical keyboard adds weight to the tablet. Still no SIM slot.

The Bottom Line The Slider is another excellent device from Asus, proving that the Taiwanese company makes the best Android tablets in the market. If the cramped nature of the keyboard doesn't suit, it still has you covered with the Eee Pad Transformer and keyboard dock.

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8.0 Overall

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Hybrids are always a tricky proposition. The Asus Eee Pad Slider is one such beast, grafting a keyboard under a touch tablet, which, with a little bit of help, "slides" out from under the tablet propping it up monitor style.

It works, for the most part. Asus has done well with the space afforded to it by the keyboard, although typing is still a cramped affair, and you'll want to make extra sure that you've struck each key solidly to avoid typos. It's still faster than typing with a virtual keyboard, and after a brief period of adjustment it's not too bad an experience.

One side effect of the physical keyboard is once it has been "slid" out, the screen is locked, with no adjustment able to be made. This can be particularly vexing when looking for the best angle to avoid glare.

The same keyboard issues arise with the Slider as they do with the Transformer when using its accessory keyboard; many apps simply aren't designed for physical input, as is evidenced by the lack of keyboard shortcuts taken for granted on PC. Using shift in combination with the arrow keys, for example, doesn't highlight text in all apps. You can't skip words using CTRL arrow, and you can't go to the top of a document by pressing CTRL Home. Pressing Enter often doesn't equate to hitting the OK button. Finally, just like the Transformer, Asus has failed to include a delete key on its keyboard. This isn't actually too big a deal — as one of our astute readers pointed out on the Transformer review, SHIFT + DEL gets you the same effect. We're hoping the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android will bring universal keyboard shortcuts to make the experience more palatable.

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