If, like me, you live in an apartment and don't have room for a large surround system then smaller is definitely better. Artison's new RCC Nano 1 micro-subwoofer, for example, measures approximately 9 inches square and is also wireless -- with the purchase of a $99 wireless adapter.

The sub is housed in aluminum and features twin 6.5-inch drivers in a push-pull configuration so it won't move around on your polished wooden floor. Despite its small size, the subwoofer can get as low as a claimed 32Hz and as far up as 160Hz.

Based on a brief demo of a pre-production unit at the CNET offices, the Nano seemed better-suited to music than movies, and this is to be expected given the size and configuration. If you want big, flatulent bass effects, this may not be the product for you, but we'll need to wait to see a finalized version.

The Nano will debut on Kickstarter in the coming month, and the speaker itself is due to hit shelves around the first of the year. Expect to pay $899 retail, and presumably less if you go in for the Kickstarter .