Archos 80 Xenon tablet features 3G, offers modest specs, and lands in June for $199

The Archos 80 Xenon attempts to compensate for its modest specs with a low price and 3G capability.

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Yet another 1,024x768 resolution tablet from Archos. My eyes are watering already. Archos

Another day, another Archos tablet announcement. Recently, the company unveiled its gift to chefs and foodies, the ChefPad. Not the cleverest of names, but it does include an interesting app-filtering feature. OK, where was I? Oh, yes, a new Archos tablet, the 80 Xenon, is coming in June for $199.

The 80 Xenon features an 8-inch IPS screen with an iPad Mini-matching -- but still unimpressive -- 1,024x768-pixel resolution. A 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 acts as the brains, with an Adreno 203 chip running all things graphical.

With specs like that, don't expect much in the way of impressive gaming performance, but it may offer up decently impressive visuals.

Other specs include 3G (WCDMA 2100), 2G (GSM 850/900/1800/1900), and Wi-Fi capabilities. The tablet also houses a paltry 4GB of storage, 1GB of RAM, a 2-megapixel back camera, GPS, Bluetooth, and a microSD card slot that takes cards of up to 64GB.

Cheap 8-inch tablets with lower-resolution-than-usual 8-inch screens are becoming kind of a trend of late. The Acer A1-810 features the same screen specs, but offers more initial storage and a better back camera for $169. Thirty bucks less than the 80 Xenon. Still, until I've some hands-on experience with both, I can't make any judgment calls on their relative quality.

The 80 Xenon (is it just me or does the name sound like some kind of space currency?) ships with Android 4.1 and will be available in June for $199.