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Arc Wireless Freedom Blade review: Arc Wireless Freedom Blade

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During our testing period, we got a moderate, but noticeable, improvement during our calls in the areas where reception was low. On the whole, the Freedom Blade delivers better performance than its predecessor, though it's still not a miracle worker. For example, we noticed that you need a least a marginal signal to use the Freedom Blade. If you don't have any reception at all, the antenna will be of little help.

The change in signal strength may not be immediately noticeable on your phone's display, though we did see a jump of a bar at times. The change may not be great, but it should be there. When the Freedom Blade is working, you should notice less static and interference and fewer audio cut outs. The Freedom Blade won't make a difference in voice quality. As with the Freedom Antenna, we were hoping for an indicator or light on the antenna to show when a signal was present. Unfortunately, that's not available.

The main downside of the Freedom Blade is the small number of phones it supports. Because of its design, most of the handsets are rather old. There's nothing introduced after 2006, which is a very long time in the cell phone world. The T-Mobile Dash and LG enV are two most recent handsets. That's why we used the V600; we had nothing that was newer around for our testing.

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