Apple MacBook (White, 2.16GHz) review: Apple MacBook (White, 2.16GHz)

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The Good Design. Price. Keyboard.

The Bad Heavier than laptops of a similar size.

The Bottom Line The latest MacBook looks identical to the old model but benefits from faster components. As a result, it's even better value for money. On the whole, it's difficult to fault -- if you have no qualms using the Apple OS X operating system, it's one of the best laptops of its class

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8.3 Overall

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The MacBook has been given a refresh and it's now cheaper and faster than ever. There's a quicker 2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, 1GB of RAM and a bigger hard drive to look forward to, all inside the same gorgeous chassis.

It's available in three delicious flavours: a white chassis with a 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo processor and 80GB hard drive for AU$1,599; a 2.16GHz CPU and 120GB for AU$1,899 (model reviewed); or 2.16GHz processor, 160GB hard drive and black chassis for AU$2,199. All are available from Apple's site or through other retailers.

All the MacBook's IO ports are located on the left side, for convenience.

The new MacBook is physically identical to the old model. It has the same 13.3-inch widescreen display encased in a chassis measuring 325mm wide by 227mm deep by 28mm thick and weighing 2.31kg. It's very portable, but is noticeably heavier than equivalent 13.3-inch laptops such as the 1.8kg Dell XPS M1330.

There's no disputing how good it looks. As before, the MacBook is available in either black or white. This time around Apple has sent us the white model, but we much prefer the black version. The black edition commands a hefty AU$300 premium over its white counterpart, although you do get an extra 40GB of hard disk space to play with.

It's the small touches that mark MacBooks out from the competition. The lid is secured to the base section using a magnet, as is the power cable. This means you won't tug the MacBook on to the floor if you trip over the cable. We also love the slot-loading DVD drive on the right, the tiny, circular infrared port at the front, and the way all the input-output ports are grouped on the left side.

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