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Apple MacBook (multi-touch white 2009) review: Apple MacBook (multi-touch white 2009)

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The Good Sturdy unibody case looks great; multi-touch glass trackpad; excellent battery life.

The Bad No SD Card slot or FireWire; pricey compared to the MacBook Pro.

The Bottom Line It's stingy of Apple to omit FireWire and an SD Card slot at this price, but, if these are features you won't miss, the MacBook is otherwise a great-value entry-level Apple laptop. If they are, you can always find them on the £899 MacBook Pro

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8.3 Overall

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The white MacBook was starting to look a little long in the tooth next to the aluminium MacBook Pros that were first launched late last year, but now Apple has given its plastic entry-level laptop a small spec bump and a 'unibody' makeover. It's available now for £799 direct from Apple.

Unibody it may be, but the MacBook is still made from white polycarbonate. By using a seamless slab of white plastic for the bottom half of the case, however, Apple has made the MacBook feel much more solid and it's helped cut down the weight, too -- it weighs 140g less than its predecessor. The design isn't quite the same as the aluminium unibody MacBook Pros and the MacBook has much softer, rounded edges. The shiny finish is quick to pick up dust, hair and other grime, though.

The MacBook's case isn't completely sealed -- the underside is a separate slice of matte grey plastic that's held in place with eight screws. This has a rubbery finish that does away with the need for individual feet, but this particular MacBook still rocked slightly on a level surface.

This MacBook's low-profile keyboard is the same as on the previous model, but the trackpad has been upgraded to the same glass multi-touch design as the MacBook Pros'. To recap, this does away with a separate button and instead can be clicked almost anywhere on its surface. Right-clicks are achieved by clicking with two fingers, but you can also set the bottom-right corner of the pad to act as a right button — something that also works in Windows via Boot Camp.

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