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Apple unveils updated Mac Mini desktops

New Ivy Bridge chips come to Apple's tiny desktop

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Along with the new MacBook Pro, Apple unveiled an updated Mac Mini this morning. Last updated in July, 2011, the new model features Intel's third-generation Core CPU family (aka Ivy Bridge), an Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU.

Essentially just a chip update, the new Mac Mini retains most of the same features as the previous generation. With Intel's new CPUs also comes support for USB 3.0 jacks, and the new Mac Mini has four of them. HDMI, Thunderbolt, and FireWire 800 ports remain as before.

James Martin/CNET

Pricing on the new models is also familiar. The 2.5GHz Core i5 model starts at $599, with a few upgrade options available as well. A server version will also be available for the usual $999 starting point. Availability begins today.

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