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Apple iPod Touch 64GB (3rd generation)

Not much doing here in Touch-land. A new 64GB model, no 16GB unit and price cuts for everyone! Oh, and a bit more performance.

Derek Fung
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Derek Fung
Josh Lowensohn


There's very little to report here, which is why we're tempted to keep the "2nd generation" tag for the latest iPod Touch even though it's technically the third iteration. At the much hyped 9/9/09 Apple keynote speech, Steve Jobs announced one new variant for the iPod Touch, a 64GB version, and the death of another model, the 16GB unit. The 32GB is priced the same as last year's 32GB model, the entry-level 8GB limbos in at AU$269 and the 32GB is now AU$399.

Feature-wise, the Touch is pretty much the same as before: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, accelerometer and a 3.5-inch multi-touch touchscreen. Both the 32GB and 64GB models now pack faster internals, which is similar if not the same to the recently released iPhone 3GS, and boosting its 3D performance they are now capable of OpenGL ES 2.0. All new models come shipped with OS 3.1 and seeing as there's no official announcement, we'll assume the ability to use the Touch as an external hard drive is still off the cards.


The new Touch is available now.

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