Quick Take: When Steve Jobs first announced the Apple iPod Socks last year, we thought he was joking--we were wrong. We've been trying to get our hands on a box ever since, but Apple may have surmised that we were going to make fun of them and prudently withheld a sample. In actuality, the request slipped through the cracks, and on the second try, the box of iPod Socks promptly arrived at CNET offices. In each $29 package, you get six different-colored socklike pouches: orange, green, pink, blue, purple, and gray. With the lighter-colored strip at the opening, they look like the cut-off top of a tube sock. The knit material is fairly thick and definitely soft enough to put your iPod to bed in, but don't expect to be able to access the controls or the dock--usability will be hindered when your player's inside. The Socks fit every iPod except for the iPod Shuffle.

Aw, how cute! The iPod looks like it's in a little sleeping bag.