Apple iPod Nano Armband

Quick Take: The Apple armband for the iPod Nano is available in five bright colors--pink, green, red, blue, and gray--at a cost of $29 apiece. The band attaches to your arm via a series of circular Velcro dots that we found to be overly designed; unless you have the dots exactly lined up to their counterparts, excess material will flap around and inevitably get caught on other objects. We also dislike the fact that while your Nano is in the armband case, it's not securely strapped in by a fastener. Although the player fits fairly snug in the pocket, we were still worried about it falling out while jogging. Another drawback is that since there is only a small headphone cutout at the base of the armband, taking the player out of the sleeve requires unplugging and replugging your headphones.

We do, however, appreciate the perforated band that keeps moisture out and allows your arm to breathe while the player is attached. Overall, while it comes from Apple, this attractive armband isn't our first choice. For active users looking for a more functional (although less fashionable) armband, check out the Speck SkinTight Armband.