Apple iPod by HP (20GB)

Quick Take: We've known about a potential HP-Apple iPod partnership since January. After delaying its midsummer launch to accommodate the latest fourth-generation iPod, HP started shipping the world's most popular digital audio player in October. Physically, the only difference is the branding on the so-called hPod's backside. However, the contents inside the HP box include Windows-centric user guides and a quick-setup poster. HP is also selling printable tattoos ($14.95 for a pack of 10) that wrap around the iPod to give it a personal and protective touch. Of course, the tattoos can be used on any iPod, regardless of brand; you can browse the gallery of available premade tattoo graphics here.

HP's printable tattoos give any iPod a personal and protective touch.

While both Apple and HP offer a one-year full warranty, HP extends Apple's 90 days of support to a full year. HP's iPod matched Apple's in CNET Labs' battery-drain test, lasting nearly 14 hours per charge.

In a recent CNET poll, 55.1 percent of Windows users said they would buy an iPod from Apple; 35.6 percent chose HP (the other 9.3 percent chose eBay). Despite the results of the poll, we recommend the iPod from HP for only its Windows-centricity and its extended support. Read the full review of the Apple iPod for further details.