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Angry Birds for Android review: Angry Birds for Android

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This isn't a heat-stopping adventure that takes you to another world. But it is a perfect time-waster for a tube journey or a long wait at the dentist. Because of the levels, you can play in bite-sized pieces, so it's fine if you get interrupted, too.

Can't beat a beta

The version that's available for Android is a beta, including a button to report bugs to the developer. But in our tests, it performed as smoothly as the iPhone version. We tested it on a Google Nexus One running Android 2.2. Froyo, and it was smooth and never crashed for us. One downside is that it doesn't stay open in the background, so if you want to switch to another task while you're playing, you have to re-open the app.

The developer says that Angry Birds will only run on "second generation" Android phones, which doesn't make it very clear. But we weren't able to download it on an HTC Hero running Android 2.1, so that second generation may be very recently hatched indeed.

The Beta is free for now, and we'll expect there to be a free version of the app and a paid version, in the fullness of time. The paid version is 59p on the iTunes store for the iPhone, so expect it to cost around that amount for the final Android version. 

To get Angry Birds Lite Beta, search the Android Market or use this handy QR code, which we got from the fantastic Cyrket.

There are also versions available for the iPhone and iPad (iTunes link), Palm Pre (App Catalogue link) and Nokia phones (Ovi Store link).

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