Amazon Mobile (Windows Phone) review: Perfect for price checks, but needs better search

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The Good Amazon Mobile for Windows Phone makes it easy to search for products and check prices on Amazon on your mobile phone.

The Bad The app is missing the advanced search filters found on and other platform versions of the app.

The Bottom Line Though Amazon Mobile lacks features found on other Amazon apps, it's still worth downloading for mobile shopping and price checks.


7.9 Overall
  • Setup 10
  • Features 7
  • Interface 8
  • Performance 8

Amazon Mobile for Windows Phone 8 brings Amazon's massive product library to wherever you are. You can easily search for any item, browse your Amazon recommendations, and pull the trigger on a purchase when you're away from the computer.

Though the app is missing the more robust search filters found in the iOS and Android Amazon apps, it will get the job done when you're standing in a brick-and-mortar store, trying to find out if what you want is cheaper online.

The app gives you two ways to search for a product, by keyword and with a barcode scanner. The barcode scanner uses your camera and a line acting as a guide to capture the barcode and then search Amazon by the universal product code. From my tests, the scanner accurately recognized almost every product I scanned. You can also pin the barcode scanner to the Windows Phone start screen, so you can get to it quickly when you're out shopping.

When you search for an item, you'll get a list of results with brief summaries of the product name, brand, price, new and used options, an average star rating, and whether the product is eligible for Amazon Prime shipping. When you select a result, you'll see a product page with photos, price, color and size options, user reviews, and purchase buttons.

In my testing, I was disappointed to find that you can only filter search results by product department, such as Toys and Games or Books. All of the filters available in the Android and iOS Amazon Mobile apps are absent, including size, color, price, user rating, shipping options, and availability.

Screenshot by Sarah Mitroff/CNET

Browsing for products
Comparing the Amazon for Windows Phone app to its equivalents on iOS and Android, there's one glaring omission -- you can't browse for products. Since I hardly ever window shop on Amazon, opting instead to type in "SanDisk" when I'm standing in Target checking the price of a SD card, I wasn't too bothered that I couldn't browse. My shopping habits aside, I'll bet there are those who will be irked that the feature is missing.

However, you can browse the products that Amazon recommends for you based on your search and purchase histories. The recommendations are the sames ones you'll find on and other Amazon apps. You'll find them if you swipe left from the app's main welcome screen.

Making a purchase
At the bottom of a product's page, you can add it to your cart or wish list, or buy it immediately with Amazon's One Click feature. Once you tap "Buy Now," (or "Two-Day Free" for Prime items) Amazon will immediately charge your presaved payment method and ship it to a presaved address.

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