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Altec Lansing inMotion iM600 review: Altec Lansing inMotion iM600

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Some drawbacks
Still, the Altec Lansing inMotion iM600 isn't perfect for everyone. It comes with adapters to support third, fourth, and fifth-generation iPods, iPod Nano, and iPod Mini, but the dock does not secure your iPod as much as cradle it. Because of this, the iM600 is less suited for outdoor use than systems like the iM9 or iM7, which really protect your iPod from falling out. Outdoor users also may bemoan the inclusion of a rechargeable battery which will need to be plugged in after it is drained, as opposed to common disposable batteries that instantly provide power in circumstances where a power outlet is not available. In this sense, the iM600 is really intended for home use where its seven-hour battery life feels more liberating than restricting.

Another disappointment was the iM600's advertised alarm clock feature. Instead of providing a functional alarm clock that could use either the iPod or the FM radio, this feature is nothing more than support for the iPod's existing alarm clock. This means no snooze button. It also means you'll be without an alarm clock if you forget to dock your iPod the night before.

Sound control
Like previous Altec Lansing inMotion systems, the iM600 lacks even basic EQ control. This is fine if you want to use your iPod's built-in EQ settings, but disappointing if you want tone control over the FM radio or auxiliary input. Regardless, the iM600 has a full, rich sound that didn't leave us wanting fiddle with EQ adjustments. There is an audio enhancement function that's subtle enough to leave on for most applications and gives a pleasant widening of the stereo image plus a little low-end boost.

Final thoughts
The Altec Lansing inMotion iM600 is a great audio system that in many ways improves upon the outstanding iM7 system by providing a more compact body, an FM tuner, and video output. The sound from the iM600 is loud enough to fill a room and detailed enough in both the high and low end to satisfy the majority of users. At maximum volume you will experience some distortion, but this is common among all its competition and a small price to pay for all the versatility the iM600 packs in such a small package.

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