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Alcatel OT-209 review: Alcatel OT-209

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The Good Ridiculously cheap; perfectly usable; fake-call function can extricate you from dull conversations; long battery life.

The Bad It's been beaten with the ugly stick; only supplied with one earphone for listening to the FM radio.

The Bottom Line The stupidly cheap Alcatel OT-209 is a perfectly decent option if you're after a back-up phone for nights out, or just aren't interested in all that smart-phone jazz. It is something of a munter, though.

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6.5 Overall

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The Alcatel OT-209 is cheaper than many things in life, among them chips, crinkle-cut or otherwise. At 99 pence on a pay as you go contract, it's a ridiculously inexpensive option if you don't want to lose your expensive smart phone while out on the razzle, or just can't be bothered with highfalutin handsets.

Carphone Warehouse's 99p deal will require you to use Virgin's mobile network and make at least a £10 top-up at the time of purchase. If you opt for Orange's network, you'll pay £2.95 for the phone and £10 for a top-up. This means you'll be able to take advantage of Orange Wednesdays, entitling you to two-for-one cinema tickets and pizzas. The OT-209 is also available for free on a £4.99 per month contract, or £40 SIM-free. 


With a small screen, rubbery buttons and cheap, plastic chassis, the OT-209 is far from beautiful. It's not a total monstrosity, but you can be sure that iPhone users and their ilk will -- rightly or wrongly -- mentally brand you a buffoon when you whip it out in public. 

But the robust OT-209 is more likely than an iPhone to survive being repeatedly squashed -- even by very sizeable buttocks. It's small too, so you'll be able to slip it into the pocket of your slender breeches with no bother. Its rounded edges mean falling on this phone won't hurt as much as falling on your keys either. 

The phone's backlit buttons click satisfyingly. They won't cause you any problems when navigating the simple user interface on the 1.5-inch colour screen. 

Shine a light

The OT-209 offers a couple of features you won't see on all of its super-cheap brethren. On the back of the phone, for example, there's a torch, which could come in useful when you've fallen down a mine, even though it's not very powerful.

The phone also offers an FM radio, which could have proved useful for rapidly blocking out irritating conversations. Unfortunately, however, Alcatel has seen fit to supply a headset with only one earphone. You can't use your own headphones with the phone either, unless you buy a mini-USB adaptor.

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