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Alcatel One Touch's Fire S brings LTE to Firefox OS

The 4.5-inch smartphone will retail for 169 euros ($232) and will make its debut in the Q3.

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BARCELONA, Spain -- If the just announced Alcatel OneTouch Fire S looks familiar, it's because the handset's based on the same design as the company's Idol 2 Mini S.

The Firefox OS-based smartphone shares the same metallic finish, which exudes a premium feel. You'd be hard pressed to tell both phones apart just looking at the design, but there's a circle where the Android home button usually is at to help set both models apart.

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Unlike its lower-end brethren (the Fire C and Fire E), the Fire S will have a quad-core 1.2GHz processor and LTE connectivity.

Other higher-end features include NFC and an 8-megapixel camera, making this Firefox OS smartphone possibly targeted at developed markets.

The Fire S shares the same chassis as the Idol 2 Mini S. Alcatel One Touch

With a 169 euros ($232) price tag, the smartphone may be a little bit pricey for the emerging markets where Firefox OS stands a better chance of taking off, but it's great to know that users who want a proper handset running Mozilla's mobile OS have something good to choose from this time around. The Fire S will make its debut in Q3.

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