Alcatel's new 8-inch OneTouch Evo8 HD is the best tablet of 2010. Alcatel

Considering the recent flood of budget Android tablets with similar -- and in a few cases better -- features, Alcatel's new OneTouch Evo8 HD is a modestly specced 8-inch tablet with an overreaching $299 starting price.

The OneTouch Evo8 HD rocks an aluminum casing that comes in black or silver, ships with Android 4.2, and features a 1,024x768-pixel resolution screen. According to Alcatel it will be available in Q4 of 2013.

The OneTouch Evo8 HD's flip-cover lights up with notifications. Alcatel

Despite its meek specs, the tablet garners some intrigue with a useful and unique twist on its integrated flip-cover. The optional "magic" flip-cover lights up with specific symbols when new e-mails, tweets, or other notifications are received. Technically, they're LED integrated patterns -- but I agree that "magic flip-cover" sounds more exciting than "LED integrated pattern flip-cover."

On the inside of the OneTouch Evo8 HD you'll find more demure specs, including a 1.6GHz dual-core CPU and 1GB of RAM. It has a meager 4GB of internal storage, but fortunately houses a microSD card expansion slot that supports up to 64GB.

The tablet comes in black and "officer," which looks more like silver to me. Alcatel

Design-wise, the tablet follows the increasingly popular 8-inch tablet form factor, but its seemingly thick top and bottom bezels make it resemble the 7-inch Google Nexus 7 more than the 8-inch Apple iPad Mini -- currently the two most popular small tablets. Its dimensions, including its 0.35-inch thickness and 0.91-pound weight, make it pretty average-size for its category.

The OneTouch Evo8 HD is 3G and 4G LTE compatible -- with available removable modules -- and has Bluetooth 3.0 capabilities. The tablet also packs a 2-megapixel front-facing shooter and a 3-megapixel one on the rear. It only accommodates a Micro-USB port, but its content can be wirelessly displayed on a television using Alcatel's One Touch Home V100 dongle.

The 8-inch tablet has a relatively slim profile. Alcatel

Calling the new tablet an upgrade from Alcatel's previous 8-inch effort, the Tab8 HD, gives the OneTouch Evo8 HD too much credit. The new model houses front and rear cameras with more megapixels, but otherwise bears the same OS, resolution, internal storage, CPU, and RAM as the Tab8 HD, which wore a more reasonable starting price of $179.

Our team will have more details as IFA 2013 continues, so check back for hands-on photos and updated information on the Alcatel OneTouch Evo8 HD as it becomes available.