AKG Q 701 review: AKG Q 701

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The Good Superb sound quality; comfortable; detachable cable and a spare in the box.

The Bad Slightly underwhelming bass performance.

The Bottom Line The AKG Q 701 headphones deliver superb sound quality with a high-end clarity that's all too rare. But we were slightly underwhelmed by their bass response.

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8.3 Overall

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Nobody in full possession of their mental faculties would expect a pair of headphones with Justin Bieber's face on the box to be any good. But Quincy Jones, the producer of Michael Jackson's Thriller album, is a different matter. As he's championing AKG's high-end Q 701 headphones, we expected these cans to sound pretty special. You can pick them up in a white, black or eyeball-melting lime version for around £400 online.

AK-Gee, these feel nice

The 701s look similar to their K 702 siblings, which we reviewed in 2009. The large earcups may not be quite as comfortable as those of the Audio Technica ATH-W1000s -- those earcups are as comfy as having two puppies sleeping on your face -- but they're still wearable for hours at a time. The metal and leather headband also fights for the cause of comfort, adjusting smoothly to accommodate even the largest and most balloon-like of heads.

The 701s are open-back headphones -- the outside of the earcups is made from a plastic mesh that allows the sound to come through. As such, you probably won't want to use these headphones when surrounded by co-workers, unless you enjoy being punched in the face. While the plastic mesh feels fairly sturdy, it also feels disappointingly cheap.

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