Chris Monroe/CNET

Can an oven produce restaurant-quality food, even if the home cook at the helm is lousy? AEG is making a case for that with its SenseCook oven, a built-in wall oven the German brand will introduce at this year's IFA trade show in Berlin. The SenseCook oven includes control screen that lets you select how you want your food cooked, such as the doneness of a steak or the internal temperature of a casserole, and a temperature probe called the Food Sensor that monitors the progress of your food so you don't have to.

AEG, which is a part of the Electrolux Group of appliance manufacturers, is the latest company to attempt to remove the guesswork from cooking with the addition of temperature probes and smart cook settings. We've seen this feature in ovens from high-end brands such as the Dacor DYRP36D and the Jenn-Air Connected Double Wall Oven and no-frills connected temperature probes in mainstream options like the Kenmore 92583. What makes AEG's SenseCook oven stand out is the Command Wheel. Rather than relying on a touchscreen to control your cook settings, the wheel provides a more solid way to control your oven. This could help folks adjust from traditional ovens with control knobs, and it could be useful when your hands are too greasy from cooking to operate a touchscreen.

There aren't any concrete plans to bring the SenseCook to the United States, AEG says. The appliance will roll out across Europe beginning in September. The company hasn't finalized pricing.

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