Advent Sienna 710 review: Advent Sienna 710

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The Good Superb multitasking performance; Attractive lid design; Good keyboard.

The Bad Chunky dimensions; Poor 3D performance; Short battery life.

The Bottom Line The 15.6-inch Advent Sienna 710 laptop has a very fast processor, but its specification isn't as balanced as we would have liked.

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7.5 Overall

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The Advent Sienna 710 is pitched as a powerful, yet affordable, entertainment laptop that's ideal for use around the home. Its price tag of £700 is quite reasonable, given that it includes a muscular Core i7 processor, but does it have the chops to cut it as a family PC?

Rise and shine

With a depth of 35mm, the Sienna's chassis is rather chunky by 15-inch standards. Advent has done a decent job of disguising this by giving it nicely curved and sloping edges. We're also fans of the wave pattern used on the glossy, deep blue lid and the dotted grid that graces the otherwise shiny trackpad. Although the matte finish of the keyboard surround is probably scratch-resistant, it looks a little flat next to the glossy screen surround.

The Sienna is smooth in both design and performance, though its graphics capability lags behind.

The keyboard uses the increasingly popular isolated-key design that proved a hit when it first appeared on Apple's MacBook range. It's suitably large and the layout is good -- it even includes a full numerical keypad on the right-hand side. It does flex a little when you apply pressure, but this isn't very noticeable when you're typing at speed.

As we've come to expect with consumer-focused laptops, the 15.6-inch screen on the Sienna has a glossy coating. This generally makes it more reflective, although the Sienna doesn't fair too badly in this regard. The glossy sheen does have the added benefit of making colours look very bright and vivid. The 710's display resolution is pretty average, though, at just 1366x768 pixels.

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