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Advent 9415 review: Advent 9415

The Good Bargain price tag; reasonable performance; well specified.

The Bad Appalling for games; short battery life; fairly heavy.

The Bottom Line If you're happy to forgo gaming and battery life, the Advent 9415 provides a decent amount of performance without missing out any major features and boasting a low price tag

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7.5 Overall

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A low price tag doesn't have to mean you settle for obsolete technology or outdated components on your laptop. Enter the Advent 9415. It shows you can have a reasonable spec and performance for a steal of a price -- it's available for just £329.99 from PC World

Despite the low asking price of the 9415, you still get a dual core processor -- a 1.6GHz Intel Pentium Dual Core T2330, to be exact -- and a generous 2GB of RAM. As a result, it managed to achieve a performance score of 2,673 running the PCMark05 benchmark, which is almost unheard of in this price category.

The hard drive may seem a little small at 120GB, but it's still more than adequate for general use and you'll be hard pressed to find something as acceptable at this price. It's also simple to archive any data when the drive fills up, thanks to the internal DVD writer on the right hand side.

There's plenty of space on the 9415's screen, which stretches to 15.4 inches and a standard 1,280x800-pixel resolution. While its glossy screen translates to more intense colours, this makes it more reflective. You won't want to use it with a sunny window behind you.

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