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Advent 4211 review: Advent 4211

The Advent 4211 is a less-expensive, re-badged alternative to the MSI Wind. It has the same core specification, so any differences between the two are merely cosmetic. If you want to jump on the netbook bandwagon, this is a fantastic starting point

The Advent 4211 is a re-badged alternative to the MSI Wind. Its differences are mostly cosmetic -- whereas the Wind is available in a number of colours, the 4211 is available with a black lid and silver interior only. You only get one choice of operating system, too -- Windows XP -- but there is other useful software.


Advent 4211

The Good

Screen; keyboard; value for money.

The Bad

Average battery life; no integrated 3G.

The Bottom Line

The Advent 4211 is almost identical to the MSI Wind. It uses the same chassis and has the same specification, but is significantly cheaper. If you're after an affordable netbook, this is definitely worth considering

It ships with Cyberlink YouCam webcam software, which facilitates easy uploading to YouTube. There's also some drive-based recovery software that'll let you reinstall Windows XP -- should the unexpected happen -- without using an optical drive.

At the time of writing, the Advent 4211 is selling for £279.99 at PC World -- £40 less than the £320 MSI Wind. Read our full MSI Wind review for more information.

Edited by Shannon Doubleday