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AdSubtract Pro 2.5 review: AdSubtract Pro 2.5

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But does it perform?
In our tests, AdSubtract Pro caught almost all the third-party ads on a given Web page, except ads programmed into the page itself. We also found that AdSubtract did not block some ads on international Web pages, but the program allows you to add the URLs of such ads if needed.

Ad removal via proxy
Sometimes, AdSubtract Pro's methods cause minor problems. AdSubtract Pro updates its database of ads constantly so that each time you update the program, it can block the latest campaigns of major advertisers. This is the app's best feature, but it's also an Achilles' heel. AdSubtract Pro stores this database on your computer, then runs Web pages through a local proxy to check ads against the database. In our tests, this process caused a slight surfing lag. However, by going to Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Proxies and selecting and viewing the Manual proxy configuration, we were able to remove the proxy server listed under HTTP. The trade-off was that AdSubtract Pro no longer blocked all the ads on a given page, but we were able to block a fair number and increase our surfing performance.

Only nominal support
Support for AdSubtract Pro is surprisingly limited to a help file and a Web site FAQ. However, the program is straightforward, so you shouldn't have much trouble with it.

As complete, all-around ad-blocking software, AdSubtract Pro is as good as gold. If you want to remove tiny programs that track your surfing habits, though, you'll still need to download Ad-aware 5.6.

Take me back to the roundup!

AdSubtract Pro offers a lot of handy features, including the ability to block animation, background images, and background music while surfing the Internet.

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