Adobe Voice for iPad review: The easiest way to create slick-looking presentations

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The Good Adobe Voice makes presentations easy for everyone. It has tons of options for themes, layouts, fonts, and music. You can create a great-looking presentation in minutes.

The Bad The app won't let you work in landscape mode, and you can't pick slide transitions.

The Bottom Line Several customization options make Adobe Voice an excellent free download for creating quick presentations for just about anything.


8.5 Overall
  • Setup 8
  • Features 8
  • Interface 9
  • Performance 9

Adobe Voice is a new app from Adobe that lets you create quick and professional-looking presentations on your iPad. It's not nearly as complex or feature-rich as Apple's Keynote or Microsoft's PowerPoint for iPad , but it gives you great results with the least amount of effort. All you have to do is record your voice, add images, words, or icons, and Adobe Voice does the rest.

Adobe Voice was released today for iPad, and it breaks into new territory for Adobe on iOS devices. The company has iOS apps for Photoshop Express and Kuler, but has mostly been slow to take advantage of the booming smartphone app space. Adobe Voice could change all that, giving people a useful tool that can be used by just about anyone.

Incredibly easy to learn

Adobe Voice lets you make quick videos that are perfect for explaining a process, promoting your products, or making a business pitch. The app guides you through the process with a step-by-step tutorial, but even without it, the app is quite intuitive.

The app gives you nine different story ideas at the outset, with topics such as Teach a Lesson or Share an Invitation. But don't worry too much about your choice, because when you pick the structure of your story, all it means is that the app will prompt you to say something that fits with that particular storyline.

For example, when sharing an invitation, the call to action on your first slide is "Introduce who's organizing the event." The second slide says "Describe what you're inviting your audience to join." Themes, layouts, and what you add to your slides are completely up to you, so think of story ideas as launching points, but you'll be able to construct your presentation any way you want.

One issue I noticed right off is that you can't create your presentation in landscape view. It's a pretty minor problem, but I think holding the iPad in landscape view is much more natural, and the app wouldn't lose anything for the change. Hopefully this is something we'll see in an upcoming update.

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