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Adobe Version Cue Creative Suite 2.0 review: Adobe Version Cue Creative Suite 2.0

Adobe Version Cue Creative Suite 2.0

Daniel Drew Turner
Adobe Version Cue 2.0
Adobe Version Cue 2.0 is a revision of last year's Creative Suite file-version manager. When used alongside Adobe Bridge, a new thumbnail-based visual file manager, Version Cue 2.0 tracks file histories produced by Adobe and non-Adobe applications, provides Web-based visuals of PDF files, searches files via metadata, and helps you share files with colleagues working on other computers. Version Cue is overkill for most home users, though it is installed with Creative Suite 2.0 by default. Collaborative designers, however, especially those using Creative Suite exclusively, can use Version Cue to efficiently manage large projects.

When working within a network environment, Version Cue 2.0 synchronizes the changes made by others to any shared files, so you always have the latest version.


Adobe Version Cue Creative Suite 2.0

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