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Adobe Photoshop CS review: Adobe Photoshop CS

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MSRP: $649.00
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The Good Nested layer sets; allows text editing on a path; tons of ways to correct colors; enhanced 16-bit operation.

The Bad Filter Gallery doesn't work in 16-bit mode or with all filters; XML requires too much work.

The Bottom Line Photoshop CS remains the choice for professional image editing, and it's worth the upgrade, although some new features could be better implemented.

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8.0 Overall
  • Setup 8
  • Features 8
  • Support 8

Review Sections

Editors' note: Shortly after this review appeared, Adobe changed its technical support policy, and we have made the appropriate changes to our review. For details, please see our corrections page.

Thanks to Adobe's continued refinement of Photoshop, the program retains its position as the essential image-editing tool for graphics professionals as part of the Adobe Creative Suite family. While Photoshop CS offers only a handful of new capabilities, they are important: increased support for 16-bit images, better color-correction and image-adjustment tools, nested layer sets, the ability to edit text on a path, nonsquare-pixel preview, SWF export (in ImageReady), and variables for dynamic Web content (in ImageReady). Most serious users will find at least one feature that justifies the upgrade despite its steep price. But using these tools correctly still takes some finesse; if you're in imaging for the fun rather than the high-quality output or money, you're probably better off with one of the $99 alternatives, such as Jasc PaintShop Pro, Ulead PhotoImpact, or Photoshop Elements.

Routine best describes the Photoshop CS install process, and wary upgraders will be reassured to know that Photoshop CS happily coexisted with version 7.0 as well as previous versions of other Adobe apps during our tests. Other supporting files, such as custom Actions, also migrated without problem. Adobe now requires that you activate Photoshop CS within a month of installation, a relatively painless procedure. Of course, you never know the real hassle quotient of a product's activation scheme until you've upgraded hard disks a few times. (Click &siteid=7&edid=&lop=txt&destcat=ex&destUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Eadobe%2Ecom%2Factivation%2Fmain%2Ehtml" target="_blank">here for more information on activation.)

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For photographers, one of Photoshop's most useful interface changes is the live, multichannel histogram display.

Aside from a new Welcome screen that provides a launching point for new or bewildered users, little has changed in the way Photoshop looks or operates. There are now more dialog boxes that allow you to toggle between simple and advanced views, which may make Photoshop a little easier for some users. But many new capabilities appear in places that make more sense to engineers than to artists; for example, "Export layers to files" appears under Scripts in the File menu rather than under Export or on the Layers palette. Add this confusing configuration to the offenses from previous versions--such as the placement of Extract under the Filter menu instead of the Image menu--as well as the program's innate complexity, and Photoshop's learning curve remains steep. Adobe has also improved Photoshop CS integration with ImageReady CS, an application used to prepare Web graphics. But ImageReady CS remains a separate program--an irritating speed bump on the productivity treadmill.

Some of Photoshop's new capabilities will brighten every user's day. Although targeted primarily at graphic designers, we think that with a little imagination, most people will derive some value from Layer Comps, which lets you define sets of visible layers for easy version comparison. Also, the ability to layer comes in quite handy if you routinely work on complex files, regardless of content type. Photoshop CS integrates InDesign's type engine, which vastly improves the program's type handling and quality and lets you fit text to a curve. We also like the ability to stack, rearrange, and preview stylistic filter operations with the Filter Gallery.

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Photoshop's new Filter Gallery lets you experiment with how various effects will interact.

The slightly revamped File Browser works more like a light table, allowing you to move thumbnails around, and a variety of menu options make it quicker to access common file-related tasks. In addition, you can now customize the keyboard shortcuts. Adobe has also improved import and export to PDF within Photoshop.

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