Adobe Media Player 1.0 review: Adobe Media Player 1.0

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The Good Clean and uncluttered interface. Potentially great Flash video, if you have the streaming backend sorted out. Swift and efficient channel switching.

The Bad Apart from a few free CSI:NY eps, content is poor. Difficult to manage video downloads. Flash only.

The Bottom Line It's not just another media player, its a new platform, and one with excellent design, but we still need better content to remain interested.

Visit for details.

7.0 Overall

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Adobe Media Player is a new application that lives on top of the AIR platform, which requires a small regular download to keep up to date, kind of like Flash or Adobe Reader. In fact the Acrobat Reader update page now gives you the default option to download Adobe Media Player as well (Mac or Windows, no Linux yet). It is limited to watching Flash video.

Updating to the 1.0 release from the Beta Version was a seamless process, which included the additional step of downloading the latest version of Adobe AIR.

The Adobe Media Player Home Page is a clean and uncluttered affair, with the main screen real estate devoted to promoting the two main content offerings that Adobe has lined up : CSI:New York and The Hills.

The sidebar menu is large and thumbnails for the programs are easy to read and identify. Adobe Media Player using a drop-down style menu to give quick access to popular locations such as; Featured Videos, and genres of content.

One of the frustrations of visiting sites such as Hulu and Veoh from Australia is being locked out of any juicy prime time content, so it was a relief when playback of an episode of CSI:NY kicked off without complications.

The Adobe Media Player provides an option to download, but when you click the little green arrow for CSI:NY a message comes up indicating these episodes are only available as online streams.

There are a range of tags for different content classifications: drama, comedy, news, opinion, etc. Once you get past the star attractions, it's apparent that Adobe's content offerings are pretty light.

In the drama category, apart from CSI:NY and a single episode from series 2 of Jericho, the highlights are a bunch of reruns from Melrose Place in 1993. In the comedy section it was a choice between Rosie O'Donnell on or Amanda Congdon of RocketBoom fame standing in line to buy an iPhone back in 2007.

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