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Adobe Bridge CS2 review: Adobe Bridge CS2

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The Good Previews all image files, including those not produced by Adobe products.

The Bad None.

The Bottom Line Also used as the interface for the new Adobe Stock Photo service, we like Adobe Bridge's ability to quickly identify stored graphics files on our hard drive.

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8.0 Overall

Review Sections

Adobe Bridge is a thumbnail-based visual file manager based on last year's Adobe Photoshop CS file manager. Bridge installs with Adobe Creative Suite 2.0 and is also included within individual editions of Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe Illustrator CS2, Adobe GoLive CS2, and Adobe InDesign CS2. With an interface that displays as a compact, floating palette above your work space, Bridge allows for simple drag-and-drop imports, the ability to edit and search file metadata, batch file processing, raw image conversion, and color-synchronization management across all the applications within Creative Suite 2.0. Bridge also acts as a client-side interface for the new online Adobe Stock Photo service. Combined with Adobe Version Cue 2.0, Bridge helps you improve design team project work flow, although you'll also need a fast computer running Windows 2000 or XP or a Mac running OS X for best results.

In addition to being a thumbnail-based visual file manager, Adobe Bridge allows you to search and edit a file's metadata.

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