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Adesso Tru-Form Pro Contoured Ergonomic Keyboard with TouchPad review: Adesso Tru-Form Pro Contoured Ergonomic Keyboard with TouchPad

The Good Split design more comfortable than traditional keyboards; quick-launch keys cut down on mousing; built-in touch pad.

The Bad Expensive; height not adjustable; small keys; wrist rest not padded; incorporated touch pad is awkward.

The Bottom Line The Adesso Tru-Form Pro is a decent introduction to split keyboards, but there are more comfortable models that cost less.

5.0 Overall
  • Design 5
  • Features 5
  • Performance 5

The $79 Adesso Tru-Form Pro is a basic split keyboard that's designed to reduce hand and wrist pain by promoting a neutral typing position. And the Tru-Form Pro is indeed more comfortable than a standard flat keyboard. However, it lacks the height-adjustment features and wider key design of the less expensive (and, in our opinion, more comfortable) Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000. About the only advantage the Tru-Form offers over the Microsoft model: the keys are less resistant, so those who suffer finger pain while typing might find the Tru-Form more comfortable. For everyone else, though, the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard offers more comfort for less money.

Like other ergonomic keyboards, the Adesso Tru-Form Pro features a split design that separates your right and left hands for a more natural typing position. Aside from splitting the right and left sides of the board, the Tru-Form Pro has few differences from a traditional keyboard. Rather than elongated keys for more comfortable finger movement, the Tru-Form Pro keys are average-sized squares. The keys do have excellent travel, and their springiness provides some relief by reducing the amount of pressure required from your fingers. However, the overall typing experience is not as comfortable as it could have been, and we found ourselves wishing the keys themselves had been modified, as on other ergonomic split keyboards.

The Tru-Form Pro incorporates a number of features designed to cut down on mousing. A row of silver buttons at the top of the board come preprogrammed to launch your default Web browser or e-mail client and control media playback; we found ourselves relying heavily on the volume controls that are also situated nearby. Below the keyboard, at the center of the wrist rest, sits a touch pad with scroll, zoom, and forward/back controls. This option for navigation is a nice touch, but its awkward placement on the slanted front edge of the keyboard actually makes it difficult to use.

Adesso offers a one-year warranty with the Tru-Form Pro keyboard. The support site includes a thorough set of FAQs, driver downloads, and software options. Phone support is also available during the warranty period, though hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. PT.

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