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Ad-Aware SE 1.06 review: Ad-Aware SE 1.06

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If you've been using your PC on the Internet without any spyware protection, you'll probably be amazed at how many offending programs Ad-aware finds. Unfortunately, the process of removing offending apps with Ad-aware can be confusing at times because Ad-aware doesn't provide much helpful information about the suspect spyware it marks for quarantine. For example, it doesn't identify which applications might need a suspected spyware/adware component in order to run. But don't worry, Ad-aware doesn't entirely remove the spyware, just quarantines it in a secure folder, so if for some reason you actually needed one of those adware components, you could easily reinstall it later within Ad-aware.

In testing performed by CNET, Ad-aware SE Plus performed one of the fastest full-system scans, clocking in at mere 11 minutes, 30 seconds. It was also one of the most accurate, with Ad-aware identifying the biggest threats in our test group. Ad-aware also picked up one item that appeared to be a false positive not detected by any of the other programs in our tests. In the end, Ad-aware SE Plus left only a couple of fairly harmless spyware elements on our test machine.

Our only gripe is with regard to Lavasoft's paltry support options--both free and paid. E-mail technical support is not available for the free version, of course, but the online support area on Lavasoft's Web site is also underwhelming to say the least. That said, the program is pretty easy to use and the integrated help system is complete and should be able to answer most questions.

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