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Acme Made The Tote review: Acme Made The Tote

The Tote looks very nice, but its large, awkward design, high price, and minimal padding aren't well suited for protecting a laptop.

Lara Luepke
2 min read
0210 Acme Made The Tote
The Tote, made by Acme Made, is a large laptop bag that will please the fashion-conscious, but if laptop protection is your main concern, look for a bag with more padding. The Tote can easily fit a laptop with a 15-inch screen and has plenty of room left for accessories, but its bulky size and stiff construction make it uncomfortable to carry. Priced between $265 and $299, The Tote delivers high style but at far too high a price.

The Tote is available in a beautiful array of designer fabric patterns and textures, all of which come with imported leather handles and trim; there's no question that it's visually attractive. Still, when a bag is holding a $2,000 laptop, we'd like to see more focus on function than style. The bag's roomy laptop section is stiff, less padded than other bags we've seen, and lined with quilted satin, which provides minimal cushioning to protect your laptop. The laptop pocket's leather cover is secured with Velcro. The main compartment of The Tote is large enough to hold many accessories, but it has no top closure, leaving its contents unsecured and exposed to the elements. A zippered side pocket will accommodate writing utensils, PDAs, cell phones, and other accessories.


Acme Made The Tote

The Good

Attractive; roomy.

The Bad

No top closure; not enough padding; awkward design.

The Bottom Line

The Tote looks very nice, but its bulk and price keep it from being ideal.

With its large leather handles, you can carry The Tote as a shoulder bag, but its bulkiness and stiff construction make it uncomfortable. The long handles also make it difficult to carry the bag as you would a briefcase--in the hands of a shorter person, it may drag on the ground. A wide leather bottom allows the bag to stand upright for easy access to its contents.