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Acer Travelmate 5760G review: Acer Travelmate 5760G

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The Good Attractive businesslike design. Includes full number pad and additional function keys.

The Bad Battery life is poor.

The Bottom Line The TravelMate 5760G is a solid system with plenty of grunt, but nowhere near enough power.

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6.2 Overall

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Laptops pitched at the professional crowd rarely do all that much to stand out visually. They're meant to be all about business, not having flashy visual style. It doesn't hurt to have a few frills, however, and Acer's attractive but still businesslike Travelmate 5760G manages that. The review sample submitted to CNET Australia had a regular-looking black internal design, with a subtle lined pattern running through the wrist rest and a dark-blue lined lid. It's not flashy or gaudy, but it does look good in a subtle, understated way.

The model we tested did have one ungainly feature, however, albeit a minor one. We tested the AU$1899 model of the TravelMate 5760G, and to give it its full name, it's the ...

Deep breath ...

Acer Travelmate TM5760G-2414G50Mibk (LX.V3X03.001). Can anyone reasonably be expected to remember that long name if they're looking for this model on a retail shop floor? We doubt it.

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