Acer's new high-res monitors will charge your devices even when shut off

The only thing cooler than a monitor with a million colors is a monitor with a billion colors, and Acer is offering both.

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The three new monitors have ultrahigh resolutions and a variety of ergonomic features. Acer

Acer is offering a few new ultrahigh-resolution monitors for your viewing pleasure. The three recently announced monitors include a highly ergonomic pair and a Windows 8-compatible touch screen.

The new models rock IPS panel displays with 178-degree viewing angles and purportedly 100,000,000:1 contrast ratios. They also come fitted with dual speakers, USB 3.0 ports that can charge your devices even when the monitor is off, and Energy Star and TCO certifications.

Acer T272HUL
The 27-inch Acer T272HUL boasts a 2,560x1,440-pixel WQHD resolution -- also known as extreme definition -- and 1.07 billion colors. The monitor features 10-point capacitive touch capabilities, making it Windows 8-ready.

The Acer T272HUL is Windows 8-compatible with 10-point capacitive touch technology. Acer

As with other models in Acer's T2 line, the T272HUL's silver asymmetrical stand is visible from the front of the display thanks to the clear plastic edge at the bottom of the monitor. The stylish stand can tilt back from 30 to 80 degrees, allowing an almost level setup on a table or desk.

The Acer T272HUL monitor has a stylish asymmetrical stand that is visible from the front. Acer

For ports the monitor has VGA, DVI, HDMI, and USB 3.0 (one up, two down). The Acer T272HUl will be available in late August with a starting retail price of $999.

Acer offers a similar model, the 27-inch T272HL, for a few hundred dollars less, but it features a lower, 1,920x1,080-pixel resolution. Although you can find less expensive extreme-definition or Windows 8-compatible monitors, the T272HUL's combination of both is what makes it unique.

Acer B276HUL and B296CL
The Acer B276HUL and B296CL take a more traditional monitor aesthetic and share the same ergonomic design, although the two have slight differences between them.

The 27-inch B276HUL monitor is similar to the 29-inch B296CL, but with a higher resolution. Acer

The 27-inch B276HUL monitor features an extreme-definition display with a 2,560x1,440-pixel resolution, and the Acer B296CL has a wider, 29-inch screen and a lesser resolution of 2,560x1,080 pixels. Both monitors display 16.7 million colors and feature a multifunction stand with an array of ergonomic options. Acer's ComfyView technology, a polarizing material, is intended to reduce screen glare and minimize the reflection of ambient light.

The 29-inch B296CL isn't a WQHD display, but its 2,560x1,080-pixel resolution is still pretty high. Acer

In addition to being capable of pivoting 90 degrees clockwise for horizontal or vertical viewing, the B276HUL and B296CL can swivel 120 degrees, meaning the panel can swivel 60 degrees to the left or right. The monitors can also be tilted up to 5 degrees forward and 35 degrees back when set at their tallest height and up to 5 degrees forward and 25 degrees back at their lowest.

The monitors include other physical features designed to help maintain a tidy workspace, including a storage tray and magnetic surface at the bottom of the stand for paper clips.

A closeup shot of the B276HUL's stand. Acer

For ports, both monitors have DVI-D, DisplayPort, two HDMI, and a USB 3.0 hub (one up and four down).

The Acer B276HUL and B296CL are now available for a retail price of $599. The pricing positions the two models comfortably and competitively among monitors with comparable screen sizes and resolutions, but there are still slightly cheaper options available.