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Acer's $1,000 Predator Z35 (£800, AU$1,899) spreads its pixels pretty thin: the 35-inch curved gaming display's 2,560x1,080 resolution means it has a pixel density of 79 pixels per inch. Not the sharpest display in the stable. It's now joined by the Z35P, a new 3,440 x 1,440 panel in a similar chassis, delivering a significant increase to about 107ppi. It also adds a USB hub and tightens the curve a bit, dropping from 2000R to 1800R, the trendy radius du jour.

At $1,100, the Z35P isn't that much more expensive, either. I don't have UK or Australian pricing, but directly converted that's about £850, AU$1,470. The monitor is expected to ship by the end of May.

The increase in resolution should visibly improve the sharpness; as for the rest, I don't know how noticeable you'll find it. There's one notable trade-off, though: the Z35's maximum refresh is 144Hz -- 200Hz with overclocking -- while the Z35P tops out at 100Hz/120Hz. So its G-Sync/ULMB support will probably come in a lot handier on the Z35P.

Otherwise, it looks like everything's the same.

Basic specs

Price (MSRP) $1,099
Size (diagonal) 35
Panel type VA
Backlight type LED
Resolution "UWQHD (3,440 x 1,440)"
Aspect ratio 21:9
Pixel pitch (mm) 0.24
Curve radius 1800R
Maximum gamut 100 percent sRGB
Typical brightness (nits) 300
Sync standard G-Sync
Maximum vertical refresh rate (at HD or higher resolution) 100Hz (120Hz with overclock)
Gray/gray response time (milliseconds) 4
USB Type-A (out) 4 x 3.0 (1 x BC 1.2)
USB 3.0 (in) 1
DisplayPort 1 x 1.4
HDMI 1 x 1.4
Built-in speakers 2 x 9W
Release date May 2017