Acer P1265 review: Acer P1265

The Good Good image quality; laser pointer; good connectivity.

The Bad Bulky and heavy; small control buttons.

The Bottom Line Acer's P1265 is great value for money and delivers impressive image quality, with higher brightness than you'd expect given its specification

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8.3 Overall

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Acer's P1265 is a portable projector with a well-balanced selection of features, excellent image quality and an impressively low cost. It's available now for around £430.

At 3kg, the projector itself is rather heavy. It's pretty bulky, too, measuring 299 by 93 by 229mm. Nevertheless, it has a rather elegant appearance, thanks to its rounded corners and piano-black finish. An extensible foot provides a manual height adjustment while the rubber feet at the rear unscrew to provide horizontal adjustments, although you'd probably never notice that without reading the manual.

The physical layout of the P1265 incorporates a small and rather fiddly control panel, but the slimline remote provides all the controls you’ll need. Unlike some credit-card sized models it has 24 full-sized keys and a built-in laser pointer. It also takes standard AAA batteries, which are easy replace when you're out and about.

A pair of side-mounted sliders unlatches a hinged lid making lamp replacement, or theft, very easy via the top of the unit.

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