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Acer Liquid E Ferrari Special Edition review: Acer Liquid E Ferrari Special Edition

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The Good High-resolution screen;. Bluetooth headset included;. Cool illuminated notifications.

The Bad Garish branding;. Under-clocked processor;. Chunky design.

The Bottom Line Depending on your opinion of the F1 racing squad, the Acer Liquid E Ferrari Special Edition will either strike you as tasteless or the most gorgeous phone imaginable. Beyond the surface, it retains the same positives and negatives of the Liquid E, which has very recently been outclassed by Android newcomers.

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7.5 Overall

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Acer's likeable Liquid E has entered the pit lane for a fresh lick of paint and some new performance-enhancing bodywork, but the internals remain largely unchanged. With a deliberately toned-down CPU and Android 2.1 on board, the Acer Liquid E Ferrari Special Edition is easily lapped by the best Google phones available, but is sure to find favour with hard-core Formula One followers.

SIM-only, this unique handset retails from around £450.

Cavallino Rampante

The Ferrari Formula One team has had its fair share of bad publicity of late, thanks to nefarious tactics, such as resorting to outlawed team orders to influence the outcome of a race. With this in mind, one might question the sense of launching a mobile phone drenched in the famous red livery.

While Ferrari's reputation in sport may be experiencing a temporary blip thanks to the aforementioned rule-breaking, we imagine the Liquid E Ferrari Special Edition -- a re-badge of the already-available Liquid E S100 -- will still succeed in turning the heads of the tifosi.

The Ferrari-themed Liquid E has the same girth issues as the original Liquid E.

Those of you wise enough to consult our review of the bog-standard Liquid E will be aware of our serious reservations regarding the phone's dimensions -- namely its incredible girth.

This Ferrari-themed edition has exactly the same issue, but it's somehow amplified by the brash colour scheme. Boasting the famous red hue of the Scuderia Ferrari, this handset will effortlessly grab the attention of others when you remove it from your pocket in public. It even has an air intake vent on the back, which doubles as a speaker.

Despite the showy aesthetics, there's a certain class to the Ferrari Liquid E which is undeniably attractive. The famous prancing horse logo on the rear, which displays just a tiny hint of carbon fibre around its edging, is instantly appealing.

A word in your ear

Acer has been kind enough to chuck a similarly branded Bluetooth headset into the box as well. Like the handset itself, this is clad in bright red plastic and boasts the Ferrari logo.

Call quality is encouraging, and those of you with abnormal lugholes will be pleased to learn the phone comes with a selection of ear plugs to ensure the most comfortable fit. Whether or not you want to be seen out in public with a bright red lump in your ear is another matter entirely.

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