Acer beTouch E200 review: Acer beTouch E200

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The Good Low price; sturdy design; unusual slide-out keypad.

The Bad Low-resolution screen; no Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Bottom Line Considering its low price, the Acer beTouch E200 feels relatively speedy, and solidly built. But, due to its low-resolution touchscreen and lack of Wi-Fi, we'd suggest that, if you're in the market for a budget smart phone, you consider other low-cost handsets, such as the HTC Tattoo, before splashing out

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5.5 Overall

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The Acer beTouch E200 is the latest in a slew of handsets released to coincide with the launch of Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system. This one is aimed at the budget end of the market, and can be picked up for around £250 SIM-free.

Built to last
The E200 is something of a rarity among Windows Mobile smart phones, as it features a slide-out keypad, rather than the much more common Qwerty keyboard. The sliding mechanism feels like it's been built to last, opening and closing with a satisfying 'clunk'. In fact, the whole phone feels quite sturdy -- it doesn't bend and flex like some of the other models in Acer's current line-up. The handset looks quite attractive too -- the glossy black or white finish on the front and rear goes well with the silver paint used around the edges.

One complaint we have with the E200's design is that there's no standard headphone jack, so you can't use your own headphones with it. Instead, the phone's mini-USB port handles audio duties, as well as being used for charging and syncing the phone with your PC. This is especially disappointing given that the stereo headset supplied with the E200 isn't all that comfortable to wear and delivers pretty weedy sound quality, lacking bass.

Low-res touchscreen
The resistive touchscreen has a rather low resolution of 240x320 pixels, which means you have to do plenty of scrolling around Web pages when you're viewing them in the new and improved Internet Explorer browser. On the plus side, however, it doesn't suffer from the image ghosting that affects the screen on the cheaper beTouch E101, and colours also look much richer and more life-like. Nevertheless, it's not as good as the displays we've seen on lower-end devices from HTC.

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