Acer Aspire One 533 review: Acer Aspire One 533

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The Good Good performance; Impressive keyboard; Bright and vivid screen; Slick design.

The Bad No HDMI port.

The Bottom Line An excellent 10.1-inch screen and well-designed keyboard combined with impressive performance make this a great little netbook.

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8.3 Overall

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Netbooks have a reputation for being rather samey, with their external design often the only point of difference. The Aspire One 533 breaks from the boring norm with a new Intel Atom N475 CPU and faster DDR3 RAM to improve performance. Our review model was supplied by Save on Laptops, where you can buy it for £300.

Not too shabby netbook

The 533 certainly makes a good first impression thanks to its sleek design. The dark grey, glossy finish on the lid goes nicely with the more matte look of the keyboard surround. We also like the curved, elongated screen hinge, which not only feels very robust, but looks quite funky, too. It's slim, measuring a mere 27mm thick. Overall, we think it's one of the better looking netbooks on the market right now.

At just 10.1 inches, the display is obviously quite small, but its resolution of 1024x600 pixels is pretty crisp given its petite dimensions. Despite its shiny coating, the screen is not too reflective by glossy-screen standards. It's also brilliantly bright and capable of producing strong colour. Unlike a lot of netbooks, the 533's viewing angle is quite wide, which will come in handy if you want to share a movie with a mate while you're travelling.

Because the battery protrudes slightly from the bottom of the netbook, the keyboard tilts towards you at a gentle, sloping angle that creates a nice typing position. The keyboard is one of the better ones we've come across on a 10-inch netbook, as the keys are relatively large and the layout is practical with only the cursor keys reduced to half size.

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