Acer Aspire 2920 (302G25Mn) review: Acer Aspire 2920 (302G25Mn)

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The Good Good connectivity options. Reasonable performance for the size.

The Bad Speakers aren't great. No digital video out.

The Bottom Line The Aspire 2920 should suit most people who are on a budget and like to stay portable, but still need a bit of grunt. If it had an HDMI port, it'd almost be the perfect solution.

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8.0 Overall

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Acer's Gemstone laptops haven't changed in design since we last looked at one -- the lid is still a deep black with inset sparkling material, and the interior still all militaristic angles in cut, with semi-futuristic blue lights and the drab "ceramic" grey interior. The design is actually quite sharp and enduring, we just wish they'd go for a different base colour. We're told the interior is to receive a refresh shortly, so we wait with anticipation.

The 2920 needs to reorganise some elements compared to the rest of the family, purely because it's a smaller, 12.1-inch screen laptop. Acer's Empowerment software is accessible via the blue gemstone button in the top left, while a strip of blue lighting below this shows when the hard drive is being accessed, and when scroll lock and num lock are turned on.

To the top right are the quick access buttons, allowing you to launch Acer's Arcade Deluxe (Acer's built in media centre software), turn wireless on or off, and run the Web browser, e-mail, or turn Bluetooth on and off. A blue ring-lit power button is nestled right in the middle, between the indicator lights and quick launch buttons.

At the bottom, the extra wide touchpad is fantastic to use, and the mouse buttons responsive. There are indicators for whether the system is active, sleeping, or charging on the bottom left.

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