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ABT iJet Wireless Wireless Remote for iPod (white)

The ABT iJet wireless RF remote for the iPod lets you skip that lousy MP3 from afar.

ABT iJet wireless RF remote

RF remotes for the iPod are suddenly the iCraze. The iJet wireless RF remote allows cable-free control of your iPod so that you can stash it in your backpack or control it from across the room. Player control and dedicated volume buttons (rubber and tactile) populate the water-resistant remote, which looks and feels like a car remote. It has a keychain loop and ships with a handy belt clip, and it communicates with a receiver that's mounted atop the iPod. The receiver features a headphone pass-through, and the package ships with a stereo-to-iPod cable. The wireless signal will penetrate walls and has a rated range of 150 feet. While our initial range tests were disappointing, we later found that our unit wasn't working properly. The replacement iJet worked well up to about 100 feet, through a wall as advertised, and without a hitch at a party, averaging about 30 feet. Available in July 2005, the remote will also be sold as Targus RemoteTunes.

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