Aaron MiniMax review: Aaron MiniMax

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The Good Good for music as well as movies. Great value for money. Solidly capable subwoofer.

The Bad Looks aren't too swish. Subwoofer adds bulk. Lack some surround dispersion.

The Bottom Line For the money, this Aussie brand sub/sat system has plenty to offer. It's not the swankiest looking of designs, but this is definitely a compact speaker package that doesn't sound as small scale as it looks.

8.0 Overall

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Aaron Loudspeakers has a long and proud R&D history in Australia — it's the only Aussie speaker company to use its own anechoic chamber and head honcho Hume L'Estrange is always on the search for technical improvements to incorporate into his designs. He's currently burning the midnight oil developing a new range that incorporates digital signal processing to help lessen the impact on sound quality of inherent speaker nasties, such as distortion and inefficiency.

Design and features

Moving away from the big speaker boxes that Aaron has long been associated with, the company has produced a couple of subwoofer/satellite systems for home theatre use. These are perfect if you're still after a big surround sound, but don't want the speakers to dominate the visual proceedings. In this system, the MiniMax comprises of four identical satellites: the SS-15, which are used as front and rear pairs; a dedicated centre speaker, the CC-15; and Aaron now includes its larger SW-200 active subwoofer as part of the package. A pair of adjustable speaker stands are also thrown in.

It's important that the surround satellites match tonally to ensure an even spread and cohesion, which is why these speakers all share the same 115mm upper bass/mid-range drivers and soft dome tweeter. The non-resonant plastic cabinets provide plenty of mounting options, in any direction and on any wall surface, according to Aaron. The small sats are reassuringly solid and weighty plus construction quality is equally impressive. Aesthetically, the look is more functional and a tad "outdoors" than high urban chic, plus it's black or black when it comes to the available finishes.

Providing the low-end reinforcement is the imposing SW-200 subwoofer, Aaron's penultimate subbie armed with a single 10-inch (250mm) woofer and 150 watts of on-board amplification. It measures 315x445x460mm, weighs a hefty 23kg and comes in Beech as well as Black. It's a bit too big to hide under your average coffee table, but pop it in a corner, don't use it as a pot plant stand and it'll, sort of, blend in. Big bass does really mean a decent-sized woofer and box, and this promises to deliver on that front.

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