A Ride Into the Mountains review: Great storytelling using basic graphics

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The Good A Ride Into the Mountains uses simple graphics to create an intriguing storyline, offering challenging gameplay as you fight your way through several levels.

The Bad The control system can get pretty crowded on a smartphone, making it much less playable than on a tablet.

The Bottom Line Aside from some control issues, A Ride Into the Mountains is a very impressive game that makes the most of old-school graphics by creating a compelling storyline.


8.1 Overall
  • Setup 9
  • Features 8
  • Interface 6
  • Performance 10

A Ride Into the Mountains (iOS|Android) uses simple graphics to create a stunningly artistic world where you play as a young boy battling demons with his trusty bow. The touch controls for firing your bow take some practice, but it's worth it to master your skills to watch the story unfold. Unfortunately, that's easier said than done.

The storyline for A Ride Into the Mountains is simple, but the presentation is what makes the game special. A family lives in the shadow of a mountain that houses a magical relic that protects the surrounding land. When an evil force comes to take the relic, the young boy of the family, Zu, decides to ride his horse into the mountains and use his family's unique mounted archery skills to battle demons. The story plays out in short cut scenes between levels, with the boy remembering his family and wise words his father told him in the past that help is mission. Even with the simple graphics, the cut scenes with the boy and his horse while they rest by a fire in the woods are very well done, and keep you immersed in the story.

The control system of the game uses a touch-and-slide movement to draw your bow, then you can move your finger around to adjust the trajectory. You let go to send the arrow on its way, but you also get skills and upgrades when you complete levels in the game to make your shots more accurate. Early on you get a Focus skill that lets you first draw your bow, then touch the screen with another finger to go into a sort of slow-motion bullet-time mode. A dotted line appears, showing the trajectory your arrow will take for added precision. You can shoot multiple arrows while in focus, but once you use the skill, there's a cool-down timer, so you'll need to make your focused shots count.

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