a-Jays One earphones review: a-Jays One earphones

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The Good Flat headphone cable. Fair audio quality.

The Bad Carrying case is too large.

The Bottom Line Jays entry-level headphones have a flat cable and anything but flat sound.

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8.7 Overall

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The most interesting thing about the a-Jays One design isn't so much the ear buds themselves, which are an ordinary bud style only enlivened by the presence of sets of different-sized silicone sleeves, but the cable, which rather than the customary round, is instead 115cm of flat black cable. While the a-Jays One represents the very bottom of the rung of the ladder of Jays headphones, with prices increasing as you go up the quality scale, it's a nice feature to have at a budget price point, as it makes it very hard (but not quite impossible) to tangle up the headphones themselves.

As with other entries in the Jays line, the a-Jays One ships with a large plastic case to house both headphones and silicone sleeves. It's good for home storage, but we'd strongly argue that it's too large to realistically be carried around for terribly long.