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Short Bio: I am not an adult but i wont tell you my age, but i am getting into video editing and photo editing, i have been working with computers for about three years now and for my age i know more about their inner workings then most (at my age that is) and i have had an interset in them for a wile, and have done the time to research things. i also "Peck" type so if you notice typo's, there bound to be there!

Machine: Gigabyte Nforce 4 ultra (mother board) Asus Nvidia Geforce 6600 GT (PCIE) Nvidia NVTV (TV tuner card) 1 GB DDR 400 (dual Channel) 80 GB 7500 RPM (Cant remember the Make....) Light On 16X dual layer DVD Burner 52X cheap CD drive (Make unknown)