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Short Bio: My Home Wind Turbine inventions are powering homes with customers, dealers, and installers in over 40 states across the US. My products have been sold into Africa, Europe, Asia, Mexico, and Canada. I am on a mission to change the way homes are powered in the US. I am a trainer and mentor helping to start and support green energy businesses all over America. We have Solar Panel Installation and Wind Turbine installation available to any homeowner. I am an inventor, designer, and manufacturer of home wind/solar hybrid energy systems. My company, WindEnergy7 LLC holds the patent pending inventions that make rooftop wind turbines and hybrid wind/solar possible. Before my inventions, all rooftop wind/solar turbines had failed because of harsh vibration and noise to the home. My customers have found the systems to be easy to install and operate. They also quickly notice how easy they are to sell, thus we created an owner/dealer opportunity. Owners of our systems can get a territory and make money helping others with residential wind/solar systems. We now have owner/dealers from Hawaii to Massachusetts selling our units into their communities. SEE HOME ENERGY VIDEOS AT MY SITE. --

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