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Short Bio: From Sac., Calif. Originally. Married to a wonderful man that has been my dream come true for a husband. Have alot in common. Helps 100% without saying. I'm in PC's, he's the total opposite. Hates them because to hard or him to understand or have patience to learn. I now been 5yrs experience of using plus learning something new everyday about them. Feb. 2008 I bought the Vista Premium Hm.Edition. I first began ever, teaching myself from at home for 2 yrs before hand on the Window XP Hm edition..Which was pretty simple compared to some. I put that poor PC machine through a lot of abuse.. not doing purposely. But surprised it held up 2 yrs being 3-4 yrs old to begin with. LoL! Anyways, really can't think of nothing else to say is, "I Love Kitties." So Thats it! Thank You! Mrs.MT?

Machine: HP Compac Presario