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    Short Bio: Tony Seruga Pioneer online marketer. Tony Seruga Marketing expert. Tony Seruga local business booster.Tony Seruga is a very fascinating individual that, until recently, has maintained a certain anonymity. By maintaining a low profile, Tony was allowed access to the top minds of the world. As a result, he slowly and methodically rose to the top of the field of direct-response advertising, and is considered by many insiders to be one of the best freelance copywriting and marketing experts in the country. Although Tony Seruga created a profitable business model in pre-World Wide Web days using CompuServe way back in 1984, it wasn't until August of 1992 that he started his first 100% Internet Company. Tony has spent the last 24 years creating successful sales and marketing programs for over 600 clients in more than 100 industries worldwide. Tony has seen and dealt with every type of business you can think of. He currently owns 43 companies, and, as a result, has been exposed to almost every business question, problem, challenge and opportunity you could imagine. Tony's unique ability to create successful Internet ventures has captured the attention and respect of Fortune 500 CEOs, entrepreneurs. Tony's companies earn millions of dollars each year. However, in Silicon Valley and Irvine, California, Tony Seruga has joined with his wife and business partner, co-founder and president Yolanda Seruga,