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Short Bio: Born in 1982, I have done a wide variety of things. I have served in the US Navy, directed international sales, supervised a manufacturing work force, planned production with MRP software, managed the entire manufacturing department, and lead continuous improvement for a manufacturing business. I have my bachelors of science in systems implementation and am six sigma green belt certified working towards my black belt. I have either worked in, or directly involved with every aspect of meat manufacturing from the receipt, shop floor, to the shipment of finished goods. I have worked for a veterinarian, managed a small pizza restaurant, and own my own computer consulting service on the side. I enjoy reading about *new age* business thoughts as well as explaining the why of the what. I consider myself to be a “jack” of many trades but am always dabbling with something new. I have even written a full length official movie script and submitted it to Hollywood – though, as you can see do not have a movie :). The experience was exciting though! I am blessed to have a wonderful wife and six children which make every day interesting. When you think that you have it figured out – a new challenge presents itself. Some of the most comedic and also inspirations come from watching little people grow. Hobbies include blogging, researching, reading, fishing and just living life.