Location: Glasgow, GB

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Short Bio: I'm a a 43 year old, ex-website designer and although I don't now work as such, I still like to keep my hand in as far as graphic design (Corel Paint Shop Professional) and Computer Animation (iClone 6 Pro)) is concerned. I still build and maintain my own PCs' and try to assist others with advice on maintaining their own. And that's about it!

Tech Interests: Digital Cameras, Software and Apps, Games and gear

Os: Windows, Android

Machine: x64 based Intel Core i7 CPU, 950 @ 3.07 GHz, 12Gb DDR3 memory, 5Tb disk-space over 4 internal HDDs' running 64 bit Windows 10 Professional. Graphics cards 2 x NVidia GeoForce GTX 750 Ti's, 1 x LG Blue-ray writer plus 1 x Samsung DVD writer